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Study abroad, but how?

Get the complete guidance you need!

Why take career guidance to study abroad?

Personalised guidance and support for overseas education will help you

  • Find the most suitable international course 📚
  • Get aid in selecting best country to study abroad 📍
  • Build your profile as per the competencies required 🏆
  • Improve your application with experts reviews ✌
  • Fulfil your overseas dream with right guidance 🚀
  • study abroad

    What you'll get

    career consulting services

    Profile Building

    Boost your skills, interests, strengths, qualifications and personality

    career guidance to study abroad

    Decision Making

    Guidance for your entire overseas career decision making process

    best colleges abroad

    College Shortlisting

    Finalize colleges based on interests, career goals and courses 

    best countries to study abroad

    Country Selection

    Choose the perfect overseas destination for a fruitful career

    career counselling test

    Letter of Recommendation

    Get LOR/SOPs evaluated by experts and support in interview preparation

    India's expert study abroad mentors

    Shilpa Pathak

    Parmita Sarma

    We offer our program for
    following countries/regions

    Pick a plan
    that best describes your needs

    Study Abroad for Undergraduates

    Interested in pursuing UG from
    an international college ?
    • Country / College shortlisting
    • Review of LORs & SOPs
    • Scholarship application guide
    • Profile evaluation and review
    • Travel and Visa support

    Apply for Demo Session

    Looking for guidance in application
    to study abroad ?
    • Fill application form
    • Get your application examined
    • Free personalised guidance
    • Demo session with study abroad expert
    • Get clarity on your overseas plans

    Study Abroad for Postgraduates

    Interested in pursuing PG from
    an international college ?
    • Country / College shortlisting
    • Review of LORs & SOPs
    • Scholarship application guide
    • Profile evaluation and review
    • Travel and Visa support

    Profile Building

    Profile building aid to study abroad
    for Indian students
    • College Guidance Program
    • Market-fit overseas portfolio support
    • Resume & Portfolio Development
    • Internship & Volunteering Guidance
    • Free dashboard access

    Why Students Love Us! 😇

    Ms. Shilpa Pathak is an experienced Guidance Counselor with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. She is skilled in Career Development, Student Counseling, Career Counseling, Public Speaking, and Psychology. She is a strong community and social services professional having completed schooling in London, UK. She was associated with Podar school, Mumbai for 10 years & currently she is a Lead Mentor & Senior Trainer with iDreamCareer. Her work has helped hundreds of students getting admission offers from the World's top universities with the likes of Carnegie Mellon, UCLA, Purdue, UIUC, Georgia Tech, University of Michigan, University of British Columbia, NUS, HKU, HKUST, NYU, Michigan State and many others.

    Parmita is an experienced career counselor with a demonstrated history of working in the education industry. She brings an eclectic mix of her 12+ years of experience in counseling students. The perspective she provides is based on experience & data, making her guidance relevant to the current trends in careers and jobs. She is currently a Senior Mentor with iDreamCareer, helping students understand the right career path, university applications, essay reviews, and complete admission process for foreign universities. She has helped over 500 students in getting admission offers in top universities across the U.S., Canada, Australia, Singapore, Europe, UK, and many other universities across the globe.

    Interested in Studying abroad?

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