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GLC will conduct the Common Entrance Test (CET) Entrance examination this year in accordance with guidelines from the University of Mumbai. Thus, students will have to appear for the CET Examination 2016 to seek admission in Government Law College, Mumbai.

The Government Law College offers two degree courses in law: (1) Three Year (LL.B. General) and (2) Five Year (BLS LL.B.)

i) Three Year Law Course, leading to a LL.B. degree is a six semester full-time course. On completion of the Three Year course, i.e. after the 6th semester, the LL.B. degree is awarded.
Students who desire to study law, but do not wish to practice as advocates are eligible for the LL.B. (General) Degree, at the end of 2nd Year i.e. after the 4th semester. They are, however,
not eligible to practice as advocates.

ii) Five Year Law Course, leading to a B. L. S. LL. B. degree is a ten semester full-time course. The first and the second year of the Five Year course, i.e. 1st to 4th semester is a “PreLaw” course. The students of the Five Year Course are awarded B.L.S. (Bachelor of Legal Science) degree at the end of the Third Year, (i.e. 6th semester) and on completion of Five
Years (10th semester), LL.B. degree is awarded.