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Film Making

(Mass Communication)

Career Overview


Show your creations with a career in FilmMaking

The art of filmmaking involves talent and good grooming to bring out the finest works of creativity and imagination.

In India, no matter how much remote a village you live in, how steep the climb to your home is or deep a jungle you dwell in, Indian movies and short films must have reached you at some point of time. The world of movies at times makes us delve into reality and at other times sweeps us with fantasy tales we wish to believe.  The credit of how a story revolves in front of our eyes with its characters and intriguing plot, its beauty and fine details, should be given to a film maker. He or she has brought too many talented people on stage to produce the fine work. If you have the imagination of a storyteller and ready to know the nuances of the silver screen, then the career of film making is for you.

What is it that you require to be a Filmmaker?

It is fortunate now that there are good reputed schools which teach aspirants the art of filmmaking. But to be a film maker, it is not necessary that you have to go to a film making school. But without the following traits, it is almost impossible to see the face of success in film making:

  • You must have the imagination and creation of an author.
  • You should have an eye for detail, to make simplest of simple plots absolutely enchanting.
  • You should possess good coordination and leadership skills to bring too many people together and have them work in perfect harmony.
  • You must be a good strategist, to pre plan your shoots and schedules on the best availability of the majority of the crew.
  • Great convincing and communication skills are required. You have to convince producers to help you in funding your movie. Your words should be able to instill confidence among people who are working with you and aid them in giving their best.

Where should you start to become a Filmmaker?

The journey of becoming a successful filmmaker is of struggle, hard work and patience. You need to give yourself the time to grow and receive recognition. It is a good idea to pursue courses on film making as it will make you aware of all the modern techniques applied to improve quality of the movie. For this you need to be a graduate in any stream. There are some institutes which only require you to be High School pass out. Apart from that you may be required to sit for their entrance exam and personal interviews.
But at first go, trying to make a big budget movie with your nascent idea may not be quite favorable for you. Instead you can establish yourself through ad films, short films, jingles, music videos or animations as well. To know how established directors work, maybe you should apply to work as an assistant director with him/her. You will have some idea about the big picture. And as an assistant director, you may not be alone, there may be many more like you running errands for the cast and crew. So be open to all kinds of job in the set.

What are some of the good Film Making institutes in India?

Some of the well known schools of filmmaking have been enlisted below:

Serial No.

Name of Institutes

Courses offered


Satyajit Ray Films And Television Institute,Kolkata

3-year (full time), Postgraduate Programme in Cinema (Specialization offered : Direction & Screenplay Writing)


Matrikas Film School,Delhi

 Diploma in Filmmaking (1 year)


National Institute Of Film & Fine Arts ,Kolkata

 Diploma in Film Direction ( 18 months / 24 months )


Whistling Woods International,Mumbai

 3 Year Bachelors Filmmaking Program

2-Year Diploma in Filmmaking


Zee Institute Of Media Arts(ZIMA),Mumbai

 Diploma / Bachelors / Masters in Film Making

 Hands on Film Making

Weekend short term course in Direction


L V Prasad Film And TV Academy,Chennai

Two Year Post Graduate Diploma In Direction


Asian Academy Of Film And Television,Noida

 2 year MSc Cinema + PGD in Cinema ( Specialization in Direction )

3 year B.Sc. Cinema + Diploma in Cinema (Specialization in Direction)


Center For Research In Art Of Film And Television (CRAFT),Delhi

1 year course in Film direction(Full time / part time / distance learning)


Film And Television Institute Of India (FTII),Pune

Three Year Post Graduate Diploma in Direction


Digital Academy The Film School,Mumbai

PG Diploma course in Film and TV Direction (2 years)

The fees can range from Rs. 70,000/-Rs.9,00,000/-. Scholarships are available as well.

What is the earning of a Filmmaker in India?

Depending upon his achievements, a filmmaker's earning can vary. They can charge a whopping figure if they are successful in Bollywood.


How to pursue a career abroad?

There are many Indians who have made it big in Hollywood like M Night Shyamalan and likes. In order to make it big in Hollywood, you can take up a course in film training schools there. These schools particularly lay stress of the Hollywood style of making movies. And the opportunities to showcase your talent as a filmmaker will be numerous and vivid. You may also get chance to do corporate videos, video games and other commercials to discover your talent. However be open to the idea of working free for some time to get a hold of the industry.

What are the top filmmaking schools around the world?

The best institutes on filmmaking have strong alumni like David Lynch and likes, who can really give you the advantage of good exposure.

Serial No.

Name of Institutes

Tuition fees

Course offered


American Film Institute


MFA, certificate of completion


University of Southern California


Critical studies, B.A., M.A., MFA and Ph.D. programs in film, TV, Animation and digital arts


Beijing Film Academy

$6,665 to $7,905 per year

B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. programs in filming, and animation


New York University Tisch School of the Arts


B.A., BFA, MFA, MPS, M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in moving-image archiving and preservation as well as performance studies or cinema studies


University of California Los Angeles

B.A.: $12,842 (California resident), $35,720 (non-resident); MFA: $22,208 (California resident), $34,453 (non-resident); M.A. or Ph.D.: $13,549 (California resident), $28,651 (non-resident)

B.A., M.A., MFA and Ph.D


California Institute of the Arts


BFA, MFA in film, video and experimental animation; MFA in film directing; BFA in character animation


The Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague


MFA in cinema and digital media


Columbia University School of the Arts

MFA first and second years: $50,873 per year; M.A.: $44,264

MFA in film; M.A. in film studies


Wesleyan University


B.A. in film studies


The National Film and Television School

$14,300 for residents; $32,000 for overseas students

M.A. in film and TV

How much can you make as a filmmaker abroad?

It goes without saying that a successful film director makes a fortune in Hollywood. 

Pros and Cons

  • A filmmaker is a satisfied person as he gets to vent out his talent the way he wants.
  • An established filmmaker earns a good handsome amount in India as well as abroad with no dearth of producers.
  • Gets to travel around the world and discover the beauty of life.
  • However they may have to compromise their time for family, as they can stay away for shoots for months.
  • While struggling they might have hard time convincing producers and actors for his project.
    At any time they can be out of work.


In India the attraction for movie has always been on peak. No matter how good or bar the economy of the country is, its people are always hungry about good movies. So a good filmmaker will always be in demand. Initially they may have to compromise to showcase their skills, but that should not put you off since Oscar winning director Satyajit Ray too had to cow down before unworthy whims of influential producers. But then his achievements are testimony of his tale.


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