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School Teacher

(Education & Teaching)

Career Overview

Command respect by choosing career as a School Teacher

Teaching is one of the oldest and most respected profession’s in the world. A good school teacher is responsible for sculpting a child’s mind and inculcating right values.


Do you have it in you to shape the destiny of a child right from his or her childhood? Teaching is one of the oldest professions in the world. In ancient India, children were sent to ‘Gurukuls’ where not only were they educated in various disciplines but values were also inculcated in them which would shape up rest of their lives. In Indian culture, teachers have been given the highest status.

School teachers are parents to the children away from home. This is why the job of a school teacher comes with a lot of responsibility. It is the responsibility of the school teacher to impart correct knowledge and information to the children as they trust them fully. Their thinking will take the shape on the basis of the teachings imparted to them.

A school teacher needs to have supreme interpersonal skills. He/ she needs to be on his/her toes all the time as he/she would need to use different teaching methods to teach to the students. As a teacher, it is essential to be constantly updated with knowledge and information.

One of the major benefits of having a career in teaching is that the working hours are not very long. To have a career in teaching, one needs to have certain prerequisite qualifications.

Required Education

Pursuing a career as a teacher requires one to continuously build professional knowledge by under going through constant learning. Either Bachelor of Elementary Education (B.El.Ed) or Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) degree is essential for anyone who chooses to pursue teaching as a profession.  While one can pursue B.El.Ed., which is a four-year degree, after higher secondary level (Class 12), B.Ed. can only be pursued after graduation. B.El.Ed. makes an individual eligible to teach at elementary school level while B.Ed. degree is compulsory to teach at secondary and higher secondary levels. One can also pursue Master of Education (M.Ed.) for better job opportunities.

Career Path

Institutes (India)

According to indiaeducation.net, top 15 colleges in India offering B.Ed. courses are as follows:

B.Ed. can also be pursued through correspondence course.

According to indiaeducation.net, top 10 universities in India offering B.Ed. through correspondence are:


Presidency College of Education for Girls



D.A.V. College of Education for Women



Loyola College of Education



Lady Irwin College



Baba Narayan Das T T College



A.G. Teachers College



Sinhgad College of Education Training and Research



Mumbai B.Ed College for Women



Government College of Education



CSI College of Education


Institutes (Foreign)

An individual can also obtain a degree equivalent to B.Ed. from a foreign university and then teach in schools in India or abroad.




Website URL


Harvard University




Oxford Univeristy




California Institute of Technology

California, USA



 Cornell University

New York, USA



ETH Zurich

Zurich, Switzerland



Imperial college of London

London, UK



Princeton University

Princeton, USA



Stanford University

Stanford, USA



University of British Columbia

Vancouver, Canada



Yale University

New Haven,USA



The fee structure for getting a B.Ed. degree is varied. It could range anywhere from INR 15,000 to INR 70,000 per annum. 

Employment Opportunities

Employment opportunities are many and depend on the field of study chosen by an individual. One can get employed in a government or a private school. A teacher can also impart private tuitions to students in need of personal attention.


Salary of a school teacher depends on various factors like qualification, school reputation, total work experience, whether it is a Public or a Private school, whether it is a Primary, Secondary or High school etc. 

According to naukrihub.com, salaries of school teachers based on their qualifications are as follows:

Job Category

Degree or Certification

Average Annual Salaries

Primary School Teacher

Bachelor's degree

INR 69,996 – INR 289,617


Bilingual education

INR 108,000 – INR 192,000


Teacher Certification

INR 71,353 – INR 300,607


Middle Teacher Certification (Grade 5-9)

INR 103,846 – INR 174,000


Elementary Teacher Certification (Grade 1-5)

INR 72,877 – INR 301,362


Secondary Teacher Certification (Grade 9-12)

INR 78,000- INR 232,258

High School Teacher

Master of Arts, Economics

INR 117,916 – INR 308,368


Bachelor of Education, Bed

INR 86,555 – INR 1,616,179


Master of Science, Mathematics

INR 98,959 – INR 317,418


Bachelor's Degree

INR 94,020 – INR 596,993


Bachelor of Education or Bed, English

INR 93,000 – INR 330,000


Master of Arts or MA, English

INR 60,820 – INR 363,650


Bilingual education

INR 68,008 – INR 930,797


Teacher Certification

INR 71,952 – INR 471,049


Middle Teacher Certification (Grade 5-9)

INR 93,653 – INR 294,408


Elementary Teacher Certification (Grade 1-5)

INR 48,656 – INR 295,898


Secondary Teacher Certification (Grade 9-12)

INR 93,483 – INR 473,976


MRT or Master Reading Teacher Certification

INR 73,533 – INR 447,399

School teacher salaries based on experience are as follows:

Job Category


Average Annual Salaries

Primary School Teacher

Less than a year

INR 59,516 – INR 232,699


1-4 years

INR 70,181 – INR 279,774


5-9 years

INR 82,851 – INR 297,988


10-19 years

INR 78,292 – INR 360,000


20 years and more

INR 180,000 – INR 268,584

High School Teacher

Less than a year

INR 66,000 – INR 368,671


1-4 years

INR 86,121 – INR 384,303


5-9 years

INR 77,167 – INR 398,656


10-19 years

INR 120,000 – INR 494,484


20 years and more

INR 174,445 – INR 760,256



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