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Fashion designing


Career Overview

Career Overview

Fashion, today, has become synonymous with status, style, acceptance and power. Fashion is a term used in relation to clothes, accessories, textiles. Fashion Design is an applied art dedicated to creation of clothes and accessories influenced by cultures and societies. It is one of the most exciting career options in the world and India now enjoys a prominent place in the international market. In India textile and garment industries have been thriving for ages and the recent boom in fashion designing has led to innovation and new prospects in the industry. Fashion design is a career which promises glamour, fame, success and monetary benefits to those who are talented.


  • Design
  • Marketing and Merchandising
  • Manufacturing
  • Fashion Coordination
  • Bollywood / Small Screen
  • Retail stores


Minimum eligibility for the Undergraduate course in Fashion Design is 10+2 any stream with 50% marks. You should also have a portfolio of your sketches, drawings and other artistic creations which help to showcases your talent during admission to a Design school.

Entrance Examination

The most prominent institutes conduct their own entrance exams for admissions. The exam consists of written & drawing skill exam, group discussion and a personal interview. The entrance exams conducted by some of the prominent institutes are:

  • NIFT Entrance exam – Conducted by National Institute of Fashion Technology,
  • NEED – National Entrance Exam For Design conducted National Institute of Design,
  • DAT – Design Aptitude Test conducted by Pearl Academy of Fashion,
  • CET – Common Entrance Test conducted by School of Fashion Technology
  • SET – Symbiosis Entrance Test conducted by Symbiosis Institute of Design

Work Profile of a Fashion Designer

The world of fashion design is diverse. Designers have many duties that go beyond just drawing clothing designs. They are also responsible for researching trends and marketing their products. There are additional duties for a designer depending on what area of design they go into, such as mass market production or customized design.

  • Research

Before beginning the design process, fashion designers research current and future trends. They read through trend reports put together by fashion trade groups, or put together their own research team to find out what people are wearing and what trends are emerging.

  • Sketching

Designers then take the information they have researched and come up with preliminary design ideas. They then make sketches, either on paper or using a computer design software.

  • Choosing Materials

Designers visit fabric manufacturers or fabric trade shows to decide what materials and patterns to make their preliminary designs out of. They take notes and brainstorm what fabrics and patterns will go with their designs.

  • Retail Samples

Designers will have seamstresses make their designs from an affordable fabric to see how it looks before using the fabric they selected. After all the samples of the preliminary designs are made, the designers choose what ones they like best for selling to retailers.

  • Marketing

Designers market their designs at fashion and trade shows, where retailers order what they want to distribute.

  • Mass Market Design

One area of fashion designers can go into is designing for the mass market. They are responsible for designing clothing that comes in a variety of colors and sizes, and usually work directly for apparel manufacturers.

  • Custom Design

Designers can also specialize in haute couture (high fashion) and run their own studios. They meet with clients and discuss their needs and then custom design their clothing.

Job Prospects

Fashion Designing is a demanding profession. Most designers start by apprenticing with an established fashion designer or a fashion house or look for employment in an export or manufacturing unit. Others freelance from a home studio or boutique and develop their own labels. You can start your apprenticeship with renowned fashion designers like Ritu Beri, JJ Vallaya, Rohit Bal, Manish Malhotra, Ritu Kumar, Rina Dhaka, Rocky S to name a few.

Fashion designers can broadly work in the following areas:

  • Export houses
  • Retail and wholesale garment businesses
  • Government/Semi government-hand loom/textile manufacturers
  • Fashion show organizers/Fashion publishers
  • TV/Film fashion programme producers as costume designers.
  • Marketing division of garment manufacturers
  • Merchandising division of garment manufacturers

Pay Scale and Remuneration

The pay packages in the fashion industry mainly depend on the brand, which comes with personal ability and skills of the individual. A beginner can look for a monthly pay packet of Rs.10, 000 to Rs.15, 000. For those who are extremely talented and have graduated from the top institutes, this can earn around  Rs.20, 000 also. Those people with higher experience can command a far greater salary.


Professional Skills of a Fashion Designer

  • Artistically Inclined, 
  • A creative bent of mind,  original and innovative
  • Knack for combining the right colour shades, textures and fabrics
  • Knowledge of fabrics, material, weaving styles, design
  • Excellent visual imagination and the ability to think in three-dimensions
  • Must be fashion conscious and be aware of market requirements
  • Knowledge and experience of basic tailoring skills.

The IDC Suggested Colleges for Fashion Designing

Name of the Institute

Course Offered by the Institute

Duration of the Course

Eligibility Criteria

Entrance Examination

National Institute of Fashion Technology, Delhi

Masters in Designing

Masters of Fashion Management

Masters of Fashion Technology

Bachelor of Designing Courses in Accessory Designing, Fashion Communication, Knitwear Design and Leather Design

Bachelor of Designing course in Fashion Design

2 years for M.Des., MFM, M.F Tech

3 Years for various Bachelor of Designing Courses

4 years 

For the above three courses the candidate must be a graduate

For the rest courses the candidate must be (10+2) pass

For all the courses there is an Entrance Exam +GD+PI

Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology,Bangalore

B.Sc. in Fashion Designing, Lifestyle and Accessory Designing

Diploma courses in Computer Aided Fashion Design, CAD Virtual Draping

Graduate Diploma in Fashion Design and Management

Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Marketing and Merchandising 

N.A. for all the courses

For the two course the candidate must be (10+2) pass.

For the rest two courses the candidate must be a graduate.

The admission into the Institute takes place by the marks obtained in the (10+2) exam.

Pearl academy of Fashion, Delhi

B.A (Hons) in Fashion Design, Fashion Media Communication, Communication Design, Fashion Business Management, Fashion Marketing & Promotion, Fashion Style and Image Designing

M.A. in Fashion Marketing, Fashion Management and Fashion Retail Management 

Diploma Courses in Fashion Media Makeup, Fashion Promotion and Events

Certificate course in Creative Fashion & Technology in Women's Wear

3 Years

2 Years

1 Year

1 Year

The Candidate must be (10+2) pass

The Candidate must be a graduate

N.A. for the rest two courses

Admissions into the Academy are made on the basis of a 2 - stage written entrance exam followed by Personal Interview

School of Fashion Technology, Symbiosis University, Pune

Bachelor of Designing in Fashion Design

Bachelor of Design in Fashion Communication, Communication Design

4 Years

3 Years

For both the courses the candidate should be (10+2) pass

The Institute conducts a Symbiosis Entrance Test + studio test+ PI

National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad

Graduate Diploma in Design

Post Graduate Diploma in Design

4 Years

2.5 Years

For both the courses the candidate should be (10+2) pass

The Institute itself conducts an Entrance Test +studio test+Personal Interview

International Institute of Fashion Design, Chandigarh

B.Sc. Degree in Fashion Design

Diploma  in Fashion Design

Advance Diploma in Fashion Design

3 Years

1 year


The candidate must be (10+2) pass 

Admissions are based on the basis of the marks in the (10+2) exams.

Northern India Institute of Fashion Technology, Mohali

Bachelor's Degree course in Fashion Designing

Master's Degree course in Fashion Marketing and Management , Garment Manufacturing Technology

3 Years

2 Years

The candidate should be (10+2) pass

The candidate should be a graduate

Entrance Exam is conducted by the Institute

JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Delhi

Diploma courses in Fashion Business Management, Fashion Design, Fashion Illustration, Fashion Merchandising, Fashion Photography and Garment Manufacturing Technology

B.Sc. in Fashion and Apparel Design


3 Years

The candidate must be (10+2) pass 

The Entrance Exam is conducted by the Institute

Apeejay Institute of Design, Delhi

Diploma courses in Fashion Design

Post Graduate Diploma courses with speciality in Accessory Design, Applied Arts, Fashion Design



The Entrance Exam is conducted by the Institute.