Students & Parents

Over the last 7 years we have impacted lives of 1.1 million students in deciding a right career. Moreover our program has been an eye opener for parents in terms of understanding and discovering their child's true potential.

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Students from following schools have gone through our programs

Schools & Colleges

Over the last 7 years we have worked with over 1200 schools/colleges in India & Middle East, helping in creating a robust in-school/college program for career counseling.

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We work with following Government/CSR

Govt. / Non Profit

We have helped various state/central government & non-profit in education sector to launch & execute career guidance program for low-income family students studying in government schools. Our most recent project being with Delhi government, which has impacted 4 lakh students in India’s largest career counseling program.

Career Counselors

Through our training programs, we have empowered 300+ career counselors to deliver effective career counseling by using our assessment report and information on careers/colleges/scholarships present in our online platform.

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