Career as a Theologian In India

Theologians study and research about the existence of God, God’s teaching as written in our religious literature like the Vedas, Upanishads, Quran, Bible,Agam Sutras, Granth Sahib, Tripitaka, Hebrew Bible, etc. and about the practices that lead to God. They may raise questions about the very existence of God and analyse the origin of the knowledge of God to answer the universal questions – does God exist? They study about the philosophy behind religious thoughts and the existence of God; they study and research about the individual and social behaviour around the belief of God; they study about the human societies in the past, their beliefs, faiths, religious practices and rituals. They may analyse historical events as described in religious books; they may research about various evidences in ancient cave paintings, physical structures in South America, various artefacts of early civilizations.


Why become a Theologian?

Do you wonder who or what created our universe and how it might end? Have you ever wondered about the existence of God-whether God exists at all? Do you know why we use G instead of g? Do you wonder what happens after we die? Do we have a soul or something similar? What is it then? Did you ask anyone to know more about religious books or ancient literature? Or about the origin of the sun? Do you want to know who released the rivers and how the forests were organized? Do you wonder how spiritual rituals were done in ancient times or what were the beliefs behind these rituals? Why are some followed even today? These are some questions that Theologians attempt to answer. Let us have a closer look at who they are, what all they do, how they do it all and how to become one.

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