Career as a Psychologist

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A psychologist is a specialist who tries to understand, prevent and relieve another person from psychological based distress. Psychological based distress is a mental pattern that causes major distress. A psychologist can be either a counselor or a clinical psychologist. A counseling psychologist generally deals with healthy individuals with less psychological distress and more about career assessments, work distress, etc. As a clinical psychologist, you will be working in hospitals, clinics, etc. A counseling psychologist majorly works in schools, universities, counseling centers, etc. As a psychologist, you will listen to your patient, understand their problem, without judging you will let them express their problems, based on such information, then you will assist them in their problem-solving.


Why become a Psychologist?

You all must have seen in movies, read in books and heard stories of how someone can be hypnotized. Sometimes you may have wondered, how can you hypnotize someone? How one person can understand and read another person’s mind. You might have got interested to understand this science better and want to pursue a career in it. This field is known as psychology. If you are interested in such science, then you may seek a career as a psychologist.

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