Career as a Historian

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Historian is a specialist who studies past. As a Historian, you will research about the past and write it for future generations. You will explore old monuments, old artefacts, old ruins, old ornaments, etc. As a historian, you will also work in museums and preserve rare artefacts. As an archaeologist, you will explore hidden monuments and research more about them. You will find the missing links between ancient time and the present time. You will research the daily life, economy, culture, etc. of ancient cultures and societies.


Why become a Historian?

Do you take History as a serious subject in school? Are you fascinated by human history? Do you love visiting places of historical importance? Do ancient civilisations incite a hunger for knowing more about them? Are you not willing to follow the popular careers and instead want to chart out your own? Are you not doing too well in Science and Mathematics? History gives a very good career option.

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