Career as a Archaeologist In India

An archaeologist is a specialist who digs artefacts, and lost cities, remains, etc. from the earth (both land and sea). As an archaeologist, you will research about the past through exploration of artefacts, biofacts, human remains, fossils, etc. You will explore, survey, evacuate and eventually analyse data collected. Some of you may work in museums and preserve rare artefacts. Some of you will explore hidden monuments and research more about them. You will find the missing links between ancient time and the present time. You will research the daily life, economy, culture, etc. of ancient cultures and societies through collected materials and fossils.


Why become a Archaeologist?

Did you read about Ancient Indus Valley Civilization? History of India has changed forever when the evacuation of a place found remains of Indus valley and since then many spots and cities have been identified from that era. Do you dream to go on similar work where you can evacuate new places, find more about history, know more about our past? If you love to explore the cultural place, examine different kinds of monuments then you have a bright career as an Archaeologist.

Career Entry Pathway



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