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Anthropologists are scientists who study the origin, development and evolution of human beings from its ancestor homo erectus to the neanderthal homo sapiens and to the modern humans. They study how societies form, how norms and rituals form, how languages develop, how community culture develops, how food habits develop and so on. They examine biological, archaeological, linguistic or sociocultural evidences, depending upon their areas of expertise. Their work help us to understand how humans will evolve, how they will cope up with the changing societal and environmental landscape and how they might be assisted to have a better life.


Why become a Anthropologist?

Are you fascinated by the course of human growth, from being a Neanderthal human to the modern human, evolution of cultures, myths, rituals and norms, development of the human society from its most primitive hunter-gatherer form to the complex modern form, development and evolution of human languages? If yes, Anthropology is a great option for you. You can make fascinating discoveries about humans' past and even find some future trends.

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