Career as a Zoologist In India

Zoologist is a specialist who studies animals living in the free habitat or in human captivity. As a zoologist, you would work to understand their structure, evolution, classification, natural habitat, eating habits, social habits, breeding and growth. You will also work for their conservation in the wild. As many animals are endangered, you will be given the task to find their population in particular habitat and work on their survival. Some of you will also work on extinct animals to understand their past ecosystems.


Why become a Zoologist?

How many of you have seen several discovery episodes on animals and their lives? Did you notice how certain specialist knows so much about these animals? They lead an exciting life in jungles, knowing animals better, helping them survive and thrive and creating a connection between wildlife and humanity. These specialists are known as zoologists and if you have a kick in your body to explore life in the jungle, underwater, in the desert, in snow, etc. studying animals then you should consider a career of a zoologist.

Career Entry Pathway



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