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Virologists study the structure, growth, development, interactions, pathogenesis and general characteristics of viruses and virus-like agents (etiological agents) such as viroids or prions. Virologists deal with the classification & evolution of viruses or virus-like agents, their ways to infect & exploit host cells for multiplication (produce more of their kind inside a host for e.g. a human), their interaction with human physiology & immunity, the diseases they can cause, the techniques to isolate & culture them in a laboratory, and their extended use in medical research & therapy. In short, Virologists are committed to integrative, all-encompassing studies about viruses and related pathogenic (disease-causing) organisms or molecules.


Why become a Virologist?

Would you be interested in discovering treatments for life-threatening viral infections of patients like the fatal Coronavirus or maybe the H1N1? Do you also secretly wish to be a scientist or maybe a doctor no matter how many of your friends do too? Do you wish to be able to affect people’s lives positively on a global scale? Are you yearning to be part of a team of highly skilled colleagues who are passionate about delivering best-in-class healthcare? You can also be among the highest-paid professionals as a Virologist! Come. Let us explore who Virologists are, what they do, and how to become one.

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