Career as a Oceanographer

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Oceanographer is an expert who studies the physical, chemical and biological aspect of the ocean. An oceanographer is a scientist who will do research about the plant life, animal life, physical features of the ocean. As an oceanographer, you will collect data and evidence for your research. As a biological oceanographer, you will travel into the depth of the ocean to observe animals and plants; their life cycle; their behaviour and evolution. If you are a physical oceanographer, then you will observe, ocean currents, ocean tides, ocean water waves, ocean floor, ocean floor plates, etc.


Why become a Oceanographer?

75% of the Earth surface is covered with water and most of it is the ocean. So, are you not interested in what’s happening in this 75% of the world where we do not live? There are thousands of unknown species that reside in this part of the world. There are many unknown physical features that are still strange to us. Do you know Mariana Trench is the deepest part of the world with the depth of over 11KM? Do you know that light doesn’t hit the ocean floor at most of the places? If these questions make you curious and you want to explore the uncertainty of ocean, oceanographer is one such career for you.

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