Career as a Molecular Biologist In India

Molecular Biologists are involved in studying and analyzing the structure, components, functions and biological as well as biochemical processes inside living cells that takes place in humans, animals, plants or microorganisms.


Why become a Molecular Biologist?

Do you love biological science and doing very well in that? Do you love Physics and Chemistry too? Not behind in Mathematics as well? Do you want to study biological cells at the molecular level? Like seeing the cell components which you have only studied in Biology books? Seeing how biochemical processes happen inside a cell? Sounds crazy right? We are talking about those research scientists who are curious about how cells function; what are their characteristics; how do they evolve and so on. If you are someone who shares the same curiosity as these scientists, then you are in for a knowledge-centric excursion. Read on and find out more about the career as Molecular Biologists.

Career Entry Pathway



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