Career as a Geologist/Earth Scientist

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Geologists are involved in exploration and scientific assessment of minerals, energy, and water resources through the ground, satellite, airborne, and marine surveys. Earth Scientists / Geologists, through their studies and analyses, help in decision-making for formulating policies as well as plans commercial, economic and societal needs, help in critical mineral assessments, infrastructure projects / urban planning, flood prediction and hazard mitigation by assessing water availability, oil / mineral deposits, assessing the risks of rock falls or landslides,earthquakes, underwater volcanic eruptions to humans, property and the environment on the whole.


Why become a Geologist/Earth Scientist?

Does our planet Earth mesmerize you? Do you wish to know how rocks, mountains, seas, deserts or forests were formed? Or maybe how we can stop earthquakes from causing damage? Or do you want to know how to find minerals or what kind of minerals can be found on Earth and where we can find them? Do you wish to study volcanic eruptions and how they are caused? Or do you want to find more water sources in these times of tremendous water poverty all over the world? If you are already deep in thought about these aspects of our planet, then a career as a Geologist/Earth Scientist may be a good option for you. Read on to discover more about it.

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