Career as a Fisheries Scientist

in India

Fisheries scientists research and study about different species of fishes such as Katla (Indian Carp), Hilsa, Tilapia, Trout, Pomfret, Rawas (Indian Salmon), Bhetki (Barramundi), Bombay Duck. They study about biology and life cycles of different species of fishes which breed in freshwater (that of rivers, lakes, ponds, etc.), saltwater (seawater), brackish water (mix of fresh and salt water mostly found in estuaries and where a river meets a sea), fisheries (where fishes are farmed), etc.


Why become a Fisheries Scientist?

Have you ever gone for fishing? Do you know that there are over 33000 known species of fishes all over the world and yet a lot many still haven’t been discovered? Do you also know that scientists have only been able to conduct research and experiments of only half of these known species? Are you thinking of what we are hinting at? Yes, exactly. The field of fish sciences has a huge scope when it comes to research and experimentation and the field requires extremely passionate researchers. Do you think you can be the one? If you have what it takes to be a scientist then read on to find out about Fisheries Scientist.

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