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Ergonomists study how people use various electronic, mechanical, electrical, and physical equipment, machines, and systems at their workplaces or at their homes. They study and help in improving the design of various equipment, machines, systems, and spaces in order to make it easy for humans to use them in a safe, comfortable and healthy way. They help in design of these to make people perform better and more efficiently but with less physical and mental stress. Ergonomists research and study about how people work in an industrial, office, or home setting and how they use and operate various equipment, machines, and systems. They then suggest ways to improve the design of these or they themselves design these so as to ensure physical comfort, safety, & physical health; mental well-being & performance, and also improve business performance.


Why become a Ergonomist?

Ergonomics = efficiency + comfort = increased productivity. Have you ever thought of whether the furniture you sit on or the bicycle you ride or the laptop keyboard that you use is designed to reduce negative effects on our health? Or maybe the hearing aid that is designed for patients, it is done in the most efficient way to make the user comfortable and minimize adverse effects. If you have ever been to a gymnasium, did you ever think of how the machines are engineered for optimum effect? Think of a toothbrush, the holding grips and the curvatures are at their best possible combinations for ‘maximum usability’. Every model has a different set of specifications. Similarly, different models of mobile phones have different specs and are ergonomically designed. Then, ATM machine softwares & hardware panels or websites are all engineered and designed to make their use comfortable, less time consuming and simple. There are numerous examples and the list goes on. Let us explore who Ergonomists are, what they do, how they do it and how to become one.

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