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Computational Scientists are called in when studying a natural system (physical, chemical, biological, environmental, etc.) or solving a complex scientific problem (such as out of 2,000 probable genes which one is responsible for a certain disease) require dealing with massive amount of data throughput – or putting it simply, a massive amount of data inputs and analysis. This kind of data analysis cannot be done by simple computing that we do using data analytic software on our computers but requires high performance computing (HPC) or high-throughput computing (HTC).


Why become a Computational Scientist?

Do you wish to be a scientist? A scientist who does not have to work in labs with instruments but sit at computers solving difficult mathematical problems? Are you fond of numbers? Are you also very good at crunching them correctly in your mind? Instead of numbers you may have to sit with hundreds and thousands of colorful designs of molecules or particles, if that interests you! You must be sure to be able to sit and stare at the screen for long hours because this is not one of your fun games but long tedious work with hundreds and thousands of numbers or designs! If you are ready for it you can dive into the following to understand who Computational Scientists are, what they do and how they do it.

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