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Cognitive Scientists are devoted to the scientific study of the human mind. It is a highly cross-functional and interdisciplinary field which combines ideas/ methods from computer science, psychology, anthropology, philosophy, linguistics, and neuroscience. The broad goal of Cognitive Scientists is to characterize the nature,forms and content of human knowledge and how the human mind uses, processes, and acquires such knowledge to execute its sensorimotor activities. Sensorimotor refers to the actions that our human body executes using our sensory organs and our limbs.


Why become a Cognitive Scientist?

Do you want your team to create the world’s first Personoid? Confused? Personoids are human minds that live inside computers and do not need a human-like physical body, as ideated by the sci-fi writer Stanislaw Lem! Are you fascinated by human behavior? Have you ever tracked people’s eyes to estimate their reactions to situations? Are you also into computer programming? Would you love to compose software that can make computers listen and talk to you in 20 or more different languages? Would you like to be part of such a team that creates zoids with a human brain? Then you must be up for a career as a Cognitive Scientist. Read on to explore who Cognitive Scientists are, what they do and how they do it.

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