Career as a Chemist

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Chemists work with elements, compounds, and chemical reactions among elements and compounds to analyse chemical properties of various materials, carry out various experiments to understand how a chemical substance may reach with another, and develop various materials for use in day-to-day life and in industries. Almost everything we use are either chemical compounds, partly made of some chemicals or contains some chemicals. Toothpastes, soaps, shampoos, natural food, processed food, clothes we wear, bags we carry, the Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) in our refrigerators and ACs, and so on. Well, sadly, the atom bombs are also made by Chemists!


Why become a Chemist?

Do you love your Chemistry lab at school? Even if you haven’t yet done any serious experiment, do you love the smell, the Bunsen burner, the test tubes, the flasks, the beakers, and the other stuff? Besides the Chemistry lab, do you also find it easy to understand and remember the chemical formula? The molecule structures? If yes, then you may think of becoming a Chemist and work in either conventional areas such as chemical quality control or work in exciting areas such as discovering new materials, new drugs, new molecule or synthesise new compounds.

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