Career as a Biologist / Life Scientist In India

As a biologist, you will do research to understand how organisms function. You will be studying plant life, animal life, microorganisms and several aspects of them. if you are a Zoologist, you will work to study the anatomy of animals, ecology, habitation, life cycle, diseases, etc. You will also work on farm animals to improve their health, reproduction and economic values. If you are a Botanist, you will study to understand the ecology, habitation, reproduction, etc. of plants. You will also work with crops, fruits, and agriculture plants to improve the production of food, quality of food, etc.


Why become a Biologist / Life Scientist?

Do you see yourself working with plants or animals? Do you want to solve the mystery of life? When you see any living thing, do you get intrigued and wonder how does it function? Isn’t life interesting? Even more interesting is studying life? You should consider a career as a Biologist if the above questions make you ponder.

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