Career as a Astronomer/Astrophysicist

in India

As an Astronomer, you will study the universe beyond earth. It is one of the oldest science subjects that has intrigued people. Aliens, moons, other planets, stars, etc. have been subject of study for centuries. You will study a few of them. As an astronomer, you will time travel to history, unravel the mystery of formation of different celestial bodies. You will understand their physical and chemical compositions. You will understand their physical properties. You will do all this with various theoretical and practical experiments and observations.


Why become a Astronomer/Astrophysicist?

Do stars, sun and moon excite you? Have you wondered how do we have life on Earth but not on other planets? Or perhaps there are plants far away with possible life? If you want to explore the universe, unravel its history, solve its puzzle, then Astronomy is a right career for you.

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