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A Brand Manager transforms a product or a service into a brand and thereby differentiate the product or service from other similar products or services. A brand could be a design (such as a unique logo), a tagline (remember 'Just do it' for Nike?), a unique packaging (Paper boat fruit juices) or most often, a concept or a set of perceptions in the minds of consumers about a product or service. So Pepsodent is different from Colgate. Taj Hotels are different from JW Marriot. Brand Managers build brands by unique designs (through logo, packaging, advertisements, etc.) and by unique communication (through unique propositions, tag lines, promotional campaigns, social media posts, television commercials, etc.)


Why become a Brand Manager?

Are you someone who keenly watch television commercial advertisements such as the one for iPhones? Do you often wonder why people pay a premium to buy Apple products? Why do people look for Amul when they visit a shop for buying butter? Why do people 'xerox' documents (actually the process is called photocopying, not xerox; Xerox is a company which sells photocopier machies, the largest in the world)? What and who make these products into something else which is larger than the products? Do you have an answer for all these questions? Then you are suited for a career in Brand Management.

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