Career as a Radiation Oncologist

in India

A Radiation Oncologist diagnoses, treats and cures cancer with the help of radiation therapy. Radiation Oncologists use high energy radiation which includes X-Rays, Gamma rays and charged particles (such as proton). They also use radioactive substances such as radioactive iodine which travel through blood to kill cancer cells.


Why become a Radiation Oncologist?

Do you fancy becoming a doctor and working to treat and cure human diseases? Are you prepared for a long period of preparation to become a specialist doctor? Five and a half years to get an MBBS, then another 3 years to get an MD. At least 2 more years to get a Diploma after MBBS. But in spite of the hard work, do you want to get the satisfaction of seeing a smile on a patient? Will you love to spend long hours assisting people and being respected by all? Money is not the only thing in a career in Medical Science, but the role you play to keep people healthy and the satisfaction you get is unparalleled.

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