Career as a Consultant Dentist (Periodontology)

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As a Periodontologist, you will work to prevent, diagnose and treat illness and injuries to the supporting structure to teeth collectively known as the periodontium. Some of these structures are gingiva, alveolar bone, cementum periodontal ligament. Colloquially they are also known as jaws, jawbone, gums, etc. The most common problem with teeth is the disposition of plaque on teeth (known as the gingiva). As a Periodontologist, you will work to remove this. You will treat any injuries to tissues supporting teeth and provide the right medication for the same.


Why become a Consultant Dentist (Periodontology)?

Though there are several ways to enter into the field of medicine, if you are particularly interested in the field of teeth then do consider the career of a dentist. While there are different subfield like Orthodontics, Periodontics, etc, you can choose them based on your further interest. Periodontology is also one of the specializations in the field of dentistry.

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