Career as a General Physician/Doctor

in India

A general physician is a medical specialist who treats, prevents and diagnoses chronic diseases. Chronic diseases. Injuries are non-fatal meaning they normally do not cause death. Some of the diseases or sickness that a general physician treats are common flu, fever, headache, malaria, body injuries, typhoid, etc. As a general physician, you will be the first person that a patient normally contacts when they are suffering from a sickness or illness. You will treat them if the illness or injury is chronic else, if there is a need of a specialist physician, you will recommend the same to patients. You will also give them advice on treatment, healthcare, nutritional diet, etc.


Why become a General Physician/Doctor?

We have all heard our parents tell us in childhood that become a doctor or an engineer. These are always considered as high esteem careers. People consider the career of the doctor as a noble profession as it involves saving a life, giving respite to struggling people, etc. If you ever wanted to work in a field helping and assisting people, saving their life. If ever treating people from injuries and illness motivated you, you should try a career of a doctor or physician.

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