Career as a Anaesthesiologist In India

Anesthesiology deals with the administration (application) of anesthetics or sedatives to make patients insensitive to pain during surgeries by suppressing their consciousness. As an Anesthesiologist, you will be as responsible as the participating surgeons for a patient’s condition before (preoperative), during (intra-operative) and after (postoperative) a surgery.


Why become a Anaesthesiologist?

Have you ever wondered how surgeons perform operations on patients without making them feel a bit of pain? This is done with the help of Anaesthesiologists. Do you know that anesthesia is as important as the surgery itself? Anesthesiologists are special doctors. They are also among the highest paid. Any error by an Anaesthesiologist may lead to a failed surgery or life-loss! Explore to find what Anaesthesiologists do, how they do it and how to become an Anaesthesiologist.

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