Career as a Journalist (Print Media) In India

Journalist (print media) is a specialist who works on different profiles so that they can bring the news to the public in written form of newspaper, magazine, etc. As a journalist you will work from getting to the news source, collecting news in written form. taking pictures and video. and fact-checking the information to creating a story (news), checking the proof for all language errors, appropriating relevant pictures, approving the story, and publishing it in newspaper or magazine. As a journalist in print media, you will not be doing live debates like tv media so once printed, you cannot change the story without further information. So you need to ensure you publish correct news in terms of story, grammar, pictures, etc.


Why become a Journalist (Print Media)?

It is a common saying that there are 3 pillars of democracy i.e. justice (judiciary), representation (legislation/ parliament) and equity (executive/ government). However, there is one unsaid 4th pillar of freedom represented by media. There are several ways to work for this 4th pillar of media. It can be through print media, social media, TV media, etc. However, the oldest and still a popular career option in media is print media. If you are interested in print media, you can be a journalist in print media.

Career Entry Pathway



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