Career as a Film Editor In India

Film editors cut and edit raw videos or footage for films, TV shows, commercials, etc. They are involved in both the creative and technical part of the filmmaking. They play a significant role in the post-production process as they make the final motion picture into a structured sequence using several film editing techniques. As a Film Editor, you will be involved in the post-production process of filmmaking; you would join, trim, and split video clips, refine shots and frames, create soundtracks, edit and mix soundtracks, etc.


Why become a Film Editor?

Are you a cinephile? Do you love cinema? Do you sort of eat, pray, love, and sleep cinema? Are you fascinated by a good movie's narrative or the way the story is told? Do you love watching commercial advertisement films on television, Youtube, Facebook, and on other mediums? Are you someone who is already making videos using a video editing or movie making software? Do you love the tasks - adding scenes in a sequence, adding soundtracks, adding special effects, etc.? Do you think you can give all the efforts to turn your passion into a profession which involves a lot of struggle in the beginning, but if you can make it, you can earn a very good living, if not becoming a multi-millionaire. In fact many in filmmaking become multi-millionaires. Ok, maybe not for that reason, but because you love cinema, explore more about a career as a Film Editor.

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