Career as a Judge In India

Judges are the custodians of the judicial system of a country which is the backbone of the law and order situations. Judges preside over the various courts of law to administer justice to all parties which seek for it. Judges can also initiate suo motu (meaning, on their own will) actions against an incident, a case of injustice and other matters to ensure that the laws of the land are upheld. Judges are custodians of the provisions and spirits of the Constitution of a country as well as that of the various laws that govern the country.


Why become a Judge?

Do you fantasize saying “Order order” in the courtroom? Do you also picture yourself as someone who resolves disputes between parties, but with higher authority and position? Do you see yourself devoting long hours studying and reading? Are you someone who sees yourself in the most respected position in the Indian Judicial System? Are you someone who is willing to practice law and aims at reaching the top echelons of the Indian Judiciary? If the answers to the above are affirmative, then get ready to devote years into hard work and determination. If you want to become a Judge, you will need years of practice and experience. If this doesn’t scare you, then you should go ahead and read more.

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