Career as a Criminologist In India

Criminologists study and analyse crime and criminal behaviour. They analyse various sociological, psychological, economic, and other reasons behind criminal activities. They analyse the background of criminals to understand what might have led them to commit the crime. They interact with and interview criminals. They offer counseling and advice to criminals. Criminologists often plan various programs to modify criminal behaviour to help criminals go back to mainstream life. Criminologists contribute a lot to police forces and Government administration to reduce crime rates in a locality, region, or in a community.


Why become a Criminologist?

Do you find it challenging to judge people based on their actions? Do you wonder that there could be something more than the person’s actions are telling? Maybe a challenging past? Had a past full of a bad and abusive relationship? Do you believe that criminals are made and not born? Do you also find it interesting to study a criminals mind and why they did what they did? Have you wondered why a normal person committed a crime without having any criminal records? Do you want to make a career in reading criminal minds and finding the whys and hows of their actions? Do you want to make a career by studying and analyzing the psyche and behavior of criminals? Then, find out more.

Career Entry Pathway



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