Career as a Stenographer

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Stenographers operate computers, stenotype machines/steno writers or write in shorthand (an abbreviated language) to transcribe exact official, academic, medical, legal or corporate information. The transcription may be while the speaker speaks and you write/type simultaneously (live broadcast captioning) for e.g. in courtrooms, during company presentations or conferences, etc. They are quick in understanding and capturing the speaker’s words and typing with almost the same speed if it is a live transcription process. There is no room for error in the profession of a Stenographer. Most Stenographers learn to type at 225 words per minute for capturing entire conversations rapidly but precisely.


Why become a Stenographer?

Do you type really fast on your mobile or computer? Are you quick at using your hands and ears at the same time? Have you ever tried to follow and type while someone else is speaking pretending you are playing a game? Stenographers are quick listeners, rapid learners, and fast typers. You can also work for eminent politicians or celebrities if you are good. Explore if you think you are interested to find out what Stenographers do, how they do it and how to become a Stenographer.

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