Career as a Hospitality Operations Support Worker

in India

As a hospitality operations worker, you will be either working in the hotel, cruise, resort, etc. or you will be working in tour planners, travel agency, etc. If you are working in a hotel, resort, etc, then you will be working as housekeeping, front office assistant, porter or room service assistant. You will ensure smooth operations of services in hotel or resort. You will take care of all the request of customers, their stay, their food, their needs, etc. If you are working in a travel agency, then you will be working as a travel agent. You will ensure that you provide all help in selecting a perfect holiday for your customer.


Why become a Hospitality Operations Support Worker?

Hospitality is one of the biggest service industries in the world. It provides different kinds of carer opportunities. Hospitality industry primarily includes hotels, tour planners, tour companies, cruises, etc. As the industry is all about serving customers, it needs a highly trained workforce in the operation department to ensure smooth execution of services. If you see yourself in a role where you would be required to serve people with care, then hospitality operations and support can be one of the careers for you.

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