Career as a Front Desk Associate

in India

The Front Desk Associates work at hotels and similar places. They greet, register and assign rooms to guests and accordingly issue room key to the guests. They need to answer queries of the guests about hotel services, shopping, dining, entertainment, and travel directions. They also need to keep records of room availability and guests’ accounts and accordingly operate the front office computer system. They need to compute bill, collect payment, and makes changes for guests. They also need to make and confirm reservations and post charges for room, food, liquor, or telephone, etc. to guests' folio. They also need to make restaurant, transportation, or entertainment reservations for guests. They also need to check out guests and inquires about their stay.


Why become a Front Desk Associate?

Do you always have a tendency to help and assist people in need? Like if anyone asks you for any help, you go out of your ways to help. You help your mother and others in carrying out various family chores and responsibilities whenever you can. You are always there in your school whenever any social projects come up. Are you calm and rarely become tensed even if you are facing any challenging situation? Are you organised? Do you keep your room organised whenever you need to or as a habit? Read on and explore this option if you need to discontinue your studies after school or after your graduation.

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