Career as a Sports & Exercise Scientist In India

A Sports Exercise scientist is a specialist who works with sportsperson to improve their performance through physiological, nutritional, biomechanical, psychological and biochemical principles in practice. As a sports exercise scientist, you will work closely with athletes to understand their body and body functions at cellular level and improve their health, endurance, performance, etc. You will provide exercise routines and diets along with understand the mechanics of body. As an exercise scientist, you will also do research in general to improve health of athletes instead on working with any particular athlete.


Why become a Sports & Exercise Scientist?

Usain Bolt is considered the fastest person on the planet. But do you know how he trains? How does he know his performance metrics so well? Who trains him? Yes, with the improvement of medicine, it is not possible to become the fastest person on the planet without any assistance. Thus, sports exercise scientist becomes a key person in the success of athletes today.

Career Entry Pathway



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