Career as a Stock Broker/Dealer

in India

A stockbroker is a registered professional who specialises in financial advice for companies or individuals. Let’s first understand what is a stock or share. Share is simply the proportion of a company that an individual hold. If a company is built by investing 100 Rs and you paid 20 Rs, then you own 20% shares of the company. A stock is simply putting different shares together in trading. A stockbroker is the only registered person in India who can buy or sell stocks at the trading market like BSE, NSE, etc. He or she thus advises people to invest and also performs that investment step at the stock market.


Why become a Stock Broker/Dealer?

Stocks and shares are tow common term from the world of business that we have heard a lot of times in movies and TV. You might have heard people saying “I have invested in shares of XYZ company.” Do you wonder what is a stock or a share? How do people invest? How does Sensex work? If you want to enter a career in trading of stocks and shares at Sensex, you can become a stockbroker.

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