Career as a Transportation Engineer

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Transportation Engineers focus on design, construction and maintenance of transportation systems, both passenger & freight transportation systems. They create, design, and develop newer transportation systems as well as take part in construction, building, operations, and maintenance of the systems. They employ numerous scientific and technological assessment tools and technical engineering knowledge to also make the existing systems more effective & safe.


Why become a Transportation Engineer?

Are you fond of the Jetsons? Or have you ever wondered if Batman’s Batpod is actually possible? Do you know Uber already has a fleet of flying cars called UberAir under development to be rolled out in 2023? The longest super yacht will set sail in July 2039? A battery driven plane is being designed which can take off vertically at right angles to the surface. Roads will have new lighting systems which will glow automatically when a car passes by and then switch back off. And most interestingly, Earthlings will colonize Mars in a few years. Space transport capsules are already being developed which can carry a 100 people. All of these will require the creative trained minds of Transportation Engineers. If this interests you, read on to find about Transportation Engineers, what they do and how they do it.

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