Career as a Pharmaceutical Scientist/Technologist In India

Pharmaceutical Scientists/Technologists work to discover new drug molecules, discover new methods or systems for delivering drugs to human body (such as tablets, liquids, injections, skin patches, gels, creams, etc.), and improve efficiency of drugs as well as that of medications or medicines. Understand that, drug molecules are responsible for therapeutic effects (therapeutic means cure or treatment of diseases or ailments), while medications or medicines are what we consume or delivered to our body. Typically, a medication or medicine is a formulation (such as a tablet or a liquid or an injection) which is a combination of drug molecules and other compounds (such as water, sugar powder, gelatine, and corn starch) which have no therapeutic effects.


Why become a Pharmaceutical Scientist/Technologist?

Do you yearn to be part a team of highly skilled colleagues who are passionate about developing best-in-class therapeutics that address significant unmet medical needs? Have you been dreaming of designing experiments and performing them in a laboratory to make medicines? Do you wish to be able to affect people’s lives positively on a global scale? Do you want to know the science behind pharmaceutical drugs and how they finally reach patients? Then you may want to enter the pharmaceutical industry which is emerging as one of the largest in terms of worldwide capacity and applicability, growing beyond a value of 900 billion USD in terms of worldwide sales of pharmaceutical companies.

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