Career as a Nanotechnologist

in India

Nanotechnologists discover, research, develop, manufacture and use nanomaterials, various types of nanoscale devices and systems which find applications in several fields - ranging from agriculture, healthcare (pharmaceuticals, medical technology, diagnostic devices etc.), and environmental sustainability to aerospace technologies, energy (conversion, storage and saving), and consumer electronics.


Why become a Nanotechnologist?

Do you wish to know how that small boy in Big Hero 6 built those tiny robots? How immensely powerful they were right? Nanotechnology is a futuristic field which will give us incredible applications in our professional and personal life the future. Right from nanorobots which could go inside a human organ to repair a diseased part and nanoparticles which can let us have wearable computers to spacecraft using much less fuel to propel to space – Nanotech will be applied in many fields.

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