Career as a Electronics Design Engineer / VLSI / Embedded System Designer

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Electronic Design Engineers design, assemble prototypes, test, and debug the electronic processors that run and control all the electronic devices that we use – such as mobile phones, computers, tabs, digital cameras, music systems, and every other electronic device that you can imagine. You look for the processor speeds when you buy a mobile phone or a laptop right? These processors like the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and the Intel processors are designed by Electronic Design Engineers.


Why become a Electronics Design Engineer / VLSI / Embedded System Designer?

Are you fascinated about electronics? Have you opened any toy, or a watch maybe, out of curiosity in your childhood while playing? Can you think of a range of devices and machines used at our homes, hospitals, cars, aircraft, and industrial manufacturing plants? Most of the devices that you can think of today use a small embedded microchip containing even smaller parts. That is the brain of the device. So do you feel super interested in these gadgets and want to build them? Let's talk a little more about a career as an Electronics Design Engineer, that's what you will be called if you are designing any of these!

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