Career as a Electronics & Communication Engineer

in India

Electronic & Communication Engineers research, develop, design, and test various electrical and electronic components as well as electronic and communication equipment, devices and systems. They design electronic circuits or microprocessors (called IC or Integrated Circuits and PCBA or Printed Circuit Board Assembly) that run all the electronic equipment and devices right from the mobile phones and the computers to the television sets and automated washing machines. They design the microprocessor that can help a human pilot fly an aircraft using auto-pilot mode. They design the systems onboard communication satellites with the help of which mobile telephony work.


Why become a Electronics & Communication Engineer?

Without Electronics Engineers, the world we live in today would come to a standstill. Imagine a life without laptops, mobile phones, cars, flights, ATM machines, Netflix or ESPN. Can you? Not anymore right? The Uber that you book using "GPS" or the washing machines that make your fabrics squeaky clean and crisp or the "metal leg" that helps a commando who lost his leg on a battleground or the aircraft that can fly on its own or the brand new Amazon Echo Dot with Alexa that you have bought or the WiFi that fires your mobiles and laptops at home/office - all of these would not have worked without contributions from Electronics and Communication Engineers. This is a game for "Doers". Interested?

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