Career as a Building Engineer

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Building Engineers are involved in the planning, functional design, erection, operation & management of facilities, specifically high-rise buildings, tall towers, skyscrapers, including both commercial and residential spaces. They participate right from the design & conceptualization phase coordinating with Structural, Civil, Geotechnical, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers for safe and effective execution of a newly sanctioned building design to supervising all functional aspects of the building when it is in operation. Building Engineers are involved in the technical aspects of construction projects. They also have to troubleshoot on-site problems & analyze plans. They have to ensure that all necessary design instructions flow smoothly from design to construction. They utilize a mix of construction knowledge and engineering principles to analyze reports, help design structures, and manage contracts & budgets. They also create construction schedules and keep engineering schematics &construction sites in compliance with applicable laws and building codes.


Why become a Building Engineer?

Have you ever thought of the tireless & creative work of engineers, designers, and architects that went into the building of Burj Khalifa? Do you imagine yourself leading such a team of motivated & dedicated professionals to build the next one higher than the highest today? The Arab states & China are remaking our world and building skyscrapers at a scale inconceivable before. Are you interested in joining hands and start reshaping our skylines as well? Do these giant stately structures excite the creative engineer inside you? Then you must read along to know who Building Engineers are, what they do, how they do it and how to become one.

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