Career as a Bionics Engineer

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Bionics simply means biological techniques or biologically inspired engineering. As a Bionics Engineer, you will design, develop, construct, test, deploy, and repair artificial devices and technical systems which have some of the features of a biological or physiological system or that of a living being. In the future, such artificial devices and systems can actually have ALL of the features of a biological or physiological system.


Why become a Bionics Engineer?

Do you love all your science subjects - Physics, Chemistry, Life Sciences, and Mathematics? Are you doing well in all these? Would you like to build your career in scientific research and developing futuristic technologies and products - such as artificial human organs and bioelectronic arm which work like the real ones? Would you like to develop an artificial neural network (consisting of artificial nerve cells, synapses, and the likes) that will power Artificial Intelligence in the future? If you are in for such high technology and scientific pursuits, then read on and understand how you can develop a career in Bionics, one of the most prospective fields of work in the future, which will remain hot for the next 100 years and more.

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