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Bioengineers use insights of Biology, Engineering, Computational Science, and other fields of Science to ‘engineer’ or design, build, test, and install various products, machines, systems, and applications. Bioengineers may produce an artificial neural network (a network of neurons as in the nervous systems of animals) which mimics an animal’s brain. Bioengineers may produce bacteria with a specific gene (by altering the natural genetic code of the bacteria) that can be used to mass produce biofuels. Bioengineers may develop artificial animal tissues and ‘bio-print’ the tissues to build an artificial limb or an organ. Bioengineering may develop nanorobots.


Why become a Biological Engineer?

Bioengineering is one of the fastest growing fields of engineering today with an exciting future. Do you love your Biology classes and also have an engineering bend of mind? How about inventing a new plant gel as the world's strongest adhesive that can be used in rockets or spacecraft? Do you want to create new devices to revolutionize medical technology? Or do you wish to make robots with a human brain? Or maybe a new kind of tiny electronic system that can invade a human body to detect diseases? Or who can say, maybe make an artificial nose too?! The possibilities are enormous, opportunities are numerous and practical uses are vast. The future belongs to Bioengineers. You are at the right place and a career in Bioengineering could be just perfect for you. Find out who Bioengineers are, what they do, how they do it and how to become one!

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