Career as a Marketing Professional In India

Marketing is understanding consumer needs and demands and develop and deliver products and services that could fulfill the needs and demands effectively. Marketing professionals decide what products or services should be built, how to communicate about the products and services to consumers, how to deliver the products and services so that the consumers can buy the products and services at the right time, at the right place and at the right price.


Why become a Marketing Professional?

Do you love to watch advertising? Do you love to look at various products on the shelves of a shop or super markets? Do you often wonder who takes the decision as to what products would be sold in the market? Are you fiercely ambitious to be at the helm of a business and steer it to profit? Are you an extrovert and love to mix up with people? Are you good in communication? If all these questions elicit affirmative answers from you, then you may read more to explore about a career in Marketing.

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