Career as a Investment Advisor (Stock Markets/Equity Dealer)

in India

Stock Brokers carry out trading (buying and selling) on the stock markets (such as BSE, NSE, etc.) on behalf of individual or enterprise clients (such as a bank, a company, etc.). They advise clients about which stocks to buy, which to hold and which stocks to buy. They execute buying and selling. Stocks could be any financial instrument which could be invested in capital markets to make a return or profit. Examples: equity shares, bonds, etc. Also include future (future contracts to buy or sell shares at a pre-determined price) and options (option is also a future contract but it is not compulsory for the investor to buy and sell). Equity dealers deals (buy and sell) in company shares or equities on behalf of individual or enterprise clients.


Why become a Investment Advisor (Stock Markets/Equity Dealer)?

Do you have an interest in the operations stock market? Do you like the way people can make money buying and selling stocks? Do you want to make big money too? Would you like to make a living by making calculated bets on the ups and downs of various companies' stocks? Do you think you have what it takes to keep up with the fierce competition to identify the next-big money making stock? If so then being a stock broker might be the vocation for you. Remember, you got to be good in Mathematics.

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