Career as a Orthopaedic Technologist

in India

Orthopaedic Technologists are specialized healthcare professionals who manage and operate various medical equipments used in the diagnosis & treatment of orthopaedic diseases and/ or ailments that affect our body's musculoskeletal system particularly the spine, joints & muscles. They assist surgeons, physicians as well as nurses in successfully conducting diagnosing tests or operative procedures. Orthopaedic Technologists are responsible for selecting, assembling, cleaning, disinfecting, setting up as well as testing laboratory biomedical equipment and machines as well as making minor repairs to them to ensure proper operation and that they are functioning according to specifications.


Why become a Orthopaedic Technologist?

Are you a secret admirer of ‘Private Practice’ and ‘Grey’s Anatomy’? Is your guilty pleasure watching hospital dramas? Well, though your work place might not have a ‘McSteamy’, you still would be a part of the fast-paced setting. Okay. Jokes apart, are you really interested in detecting life-threatening conditions of patients? You know, as an Orthopaedic Technologist your inputs can be very valuable and you would handle tasks that would sometimes be critical too. You would be part of a vital process and your knowledge & skills would help save a patient’s life. Read on and find out who Orthopaedic Technologists are, what they do and how to become one.

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