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Health Psychologists deal with the study of psychological, cognitive (the process of learning) and behavioral processes in a state of good health as well as during an illness, health abnormalities and injuries – specifically how differently a person behaves, responds, performs and interacts in a state of good health as well as when suffering from an illness, physical disability or accidental injury. Health Psychologists help people cope up with mental issues such as frustration, stress, despondency, lack of self-belief, etc. arising out of an illness, physical disability, injury, and other medical conditions. For example, people suffering from cancer often develop despondency or hopelessness. They give up their hope. This leads to low spirit and therefore the recovery, if possible, takes longer than usual. A person, after facing a critical injury, may feel frustrated as his life after the recovery might not be as usual before the injury. This delays the person’s response to medical treatment.


Why become a Health Psychologist?

A small group of thoughtful committed healthy citizens can change the world. Never doubt that. Ever wonder why people behave differently the way they do in sickness and in health? Do you really want to help people struggling with ailments but not exactly as a medical doctor? Do you wish to dive into the depths of the human mind to discover the problems? Are you a strong communicator and a good storyteller? Do you want to find out how differently people behave when placed in different situations? You will have to approach an individual, stabilize their emotions and serve their needs. Do you think you are compassionate enough to do this? Let’s take a peek into who Health Psychologists are, what they do, how they do it and how to become one.

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