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Mehendi Artist Career: How to Stand Out in a Competitive Industry

Mehendi Artist

Do you love mehendi designs on your hands and arms? Do you always wait for the occasion when you can have a mehendi design? Have you ever tried doing mehendi on others’ hands and arms? If you do not want to carry on with formal college education but still want to make a good career, Mehendi Art could offer you a good opportunity.

Mehendi Artists create beautiful designs or temporary body art on the hands and arms of customers using Heena during auspicious and special occasions, especially during marriage ceremonies.

Why become a Mehendi Artist? 

As a Mehendi Artist, you will create beautiful designs or body art on customers’ hands and arms using Mehendi, which is also called Heena. Customers mainly get Mehendi done on their hands, but some even ask for Mehendi designs on their feet and legs. 

People generally get Mehendi designs done during auspicious occasions such as marriage. You can specialize in different types of Mehendi arts such as Indian, Pakistani, Arabic, and African. Indian Mehendi art, with its intricate patterns and motifs, is the most popular.

What does Mehendi Artist do? 

As a Mehendi Artist:

  • You need to discuss with customers the various design options and advise them about what could be the most appropriate given the occasion for which the customers want the mehendi design.
  • Prepare the customers, making them sit properly, giving them protective apparel, carry out a skin sensitivity test if required.
  • Carry out all the pre-preparation of the Mehendi for use and prepare the Mehendi to appropriate consistency using proper mixing techniques.  
  • Preparation of the Mehendi cone, which is used to draw the Mehendi design on hands, arms, feet, and legs. 
  • Collect all suitable Mehendi products such as herbal Mehendi before you take an appointment with a customer.
  • Handle appointments with the customers. 
  • Keep workplaces clean and sanitized.

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How to become a Mehendi Artist – Eligibility Criteria 

After your class 8 in school, you can get yourself involved in Mehendi Design and then obtain an NSQF Level 4 qualification as a Mehendi Specialist.

After your class 10 with any subject, you can do a course in Mehendi Design.

Educational Fees

The educational fees to become a Mehendi Artist are somewhere around Rs. 4500 to 20,000. 

Job Opportunities 

Many Mehendi artists work independently. Some salons employ Mehendi Artists who have training in Mehendi Design or have an NSQF Level 4 qualification in Mehendi Specialist. 

Some organizations where you may get a job: –

  • Max Mehendi Art
  • Geetanjali Salon
  • Shailash Mehendi Artist
  • Orane Beauty School
  • Lavish Beauty Salon
  • Bombay Mehendi Designer
  • VLCC
  • The Shahnaz Husain Group

Salary of Mehendi Artist 

As an apprentice or trainee, you will be earning about Rs. 3000-5000 a month.

After 1-3 years of experience, you will be earning about Rs. 8,000-10,000 a month.

After 5-10 years of experience, you will be earning about Rs. 12,000-25,000 or more a month. Besides, many salons allow you to accept tips from customers.

You can earn much more if you set up your own salon or become an independent Mehendi Artist or professional bridal mehendi artist. Experienced and reputed Mehendi Artists in metro cities can earn around Rs. 30,000 – 50,000 or even more for a session of Mehendi during the marriage season. In a session spanning 5-6 hours, she would do mehendi on about 20-30 people.

 Career Progression in Mehendi Artist Profession  

You can grow in your profession either by changing jobs or adding more skills such as tattooing skills. You may also open your own Mehendi Art workshop or studio or work independently. There are many opportunities to get independent work through various apps such as Urban Clap.

As Mehendi Artists mostly do their work during the wedding season, you can understand the future prospect by looking at the growth in India’s wedding industry. As per an article on, currently, the Indian wedding industry is over Rs 100,000 crore (annual expenditure on weddings) and is growing at 25 to 30 percent every year. Therefore you can expect to get a lot of work opportunities as a Mehendi Artist.

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